Human Resources

A successful team 

We are a competitive team and are dedicated to achieving our objectives, particularly that of improving health in our society.

The lnibsa Group is comprised of trained and qualified professionals who are given the opportunity to build their career in an innovative company.

Our business management is efficient, profitable and modern, and is committed to the personal and professional development of the people who form part of our organization. We strive to make our team members feel both responsible for creating, and proud of working in, an environment that fosters respect, communication and fairness, with equal opportunities for employment, development and promotion.

Committed to training

We value the people in our team. That is why we invest in their training and development with the aim of helping them to grow professionally. We have several different training programs that adapt to the needs of our professionals.

We offer various options of classroom training alongside online courses on Campus Inibsa, a platform that allows us to strengthen the team members’ skills and competencies with greater flexibility.