EAO Paris – Geistlich presents key topics

EAO Paris – Geistlich presents key topics Download image
18 July, 2016

The next EAO congress will be taking place from 29 September to 1 October 2016, this time in Paris. Stability, inflamed extraction sockets and peri-implantitis will each be headlining the Geistlich symposium and Geistlich hands-on workshops.

Stability is key to achieving successful outcomes in bone and soft tissue regeneration. But how to achieve stability? How can biomaterials contribute to a stable environment? Prof. Ronald Jung, Switzerland, will answer these key questions in the Geistlich symposium at the EAO congress on Thursday morning.

Prof. Frank Schwarz, Germany, is going to tackle another key topic in both his symposium lecture and his practical workshop: peri-implantitis. Where are the limitations of non-surgical therapy? How is advanced peri-implantitis to be treated?

Last, but not least, Prof. Ki-Tae Koo, South Korea, will focus his practical workshop on Ridge Preservation in infected sockets. As teeth are often extracted due to periodontal or endodontic problems this topic is highly relevant for daily practice. A new classification of extraction sockets, based on the extent of inflammation and bone defect, is the starting point for the different treatment approaches.

Geistlich Symposium – Thursday, 29 September, 10:30-12:15

  • The next level for hard and soft tissue regeneration. Ronald E. Jung, Switzerland
  • Peri-implant diseases: clinical concepts. Prof. Frank Schwarz, Germany

 Geistlich Workshops, Friday, 30 September, 8:30-11:00 and 13:30-16:00

  • Prevention and management of peri-implant diseases. Frank Schwarz, Germany
  • Extraction socket management of infected sockets: classification and treatment concepts. Prof. Ki-Tae Koo, South Korea

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