Third Inibsa-Osteology-SEPA scolarships awards

31 August, 2015

Inibisa Dental, in conjunction with SEPA, has convened the Inibisa-Osteology-SEPA scholarships awards in July, presenting them to two research groups who are members of the Universidad de Granada (UGR) and  the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). Specifically, this third year  the scholarships have been awarded to the research team led by DR. FJ Manazano Moreno from UGR titled “Low-energy diode laser effect on the growth, functioning and expression of bone resorption markers in the osteoclast: implications on bone regeneration”. The other scholarship has been presented to Dr. Deborah Violant Holtz’s team from UIC for “In vitro Evaluation of the Effectiveness of different Oral Antiseptics and Antibiotics over Resorbable Collagen Membranes”.

During this year presentation postdoctoral, junior researchers and odontologists applied for two scholarships for the CoreModule course of the Osteology Research Academy 2015, which takes place in Lucerne (Switzeralnd), between September 14th and September 18th 2015.

Photo: from left to right, Lidia Aguilera, Inibsa Dental’s Category Manager;  Dr. Deborah Violant, awarded with the Inibisa Osteology SEPA scholarship; Mònica Vicario, member of the SEPA Board of Directors and professor of UIC Periodontics MSC; Dr. David Herrera, president of SEPA.